Two essential Shopify applications to increase conversion rate and average order value.

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

  • Product page timer. Usually goes right below the add-to-cart button and is perfect for increasing urgency and encouraging buyers to act. Based on various research, it could easily increase the conversion rate by 8–30%, resulting in more sales. Nothing pushes buyers over the edge better than seeing they have a few minutes left to get a discounted product.
  • Top-bar countdown timer. Ideal for communicating promotion across the whole store. With the ability to add a CTA button, you can easily drive traffic to your desired page.
  • Landing page countdown timer. Use it as a block in any of your stores’ landing pages to communicate about currently happening promotions or discounts.
  • Cart page countdown timer. There is no better way to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rate than having a countdown timer on your cart page.
  • Countdown to a specific date. Most common timer type, perfect for pre-orders, promoting any type of sale or communicating how much time is left until a restock.
  • Fixed minutes timer. Optimised for increasing urgency. Individual for each buyer and is one of the best ways to encourage impulse purchases.
  • Daily recurring timer. Ideal for communicating same-day dispatch or running a one-day flash sale.

Essential Free Shipping Bar

  • Product page free shipping bar. Add it to the product page so your customers know straight away how much they have left to spend to get free shipping. Add an upsell product to push them over the threshold.
  • Top-bar free shipping bar. Let your buyers all across the store know what the free shipping threshold is and how much they have to spend to get it.
  • Cart page free shipping bar. This one is our favourite! Add it to the top of your cart page together with a few great upsell products to communicate that customers are just a few steps away from free shipping. Upsell product also encourages adding additional products to the cart increasing that sweet average order value.



Must Have Shopify apps

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